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Email account or Operating System malfunction, Stop Errors, VIRUS or SPYWARE issues, windows crashes, slow booting or Data Transfer, Data Migration from old software to the Latest one, Synchronizing of Data between different platforms or Mobile devices diagnosing of hardware/software issues etc get all this fix with a confidence.

UCS specialize and have an experience of 10-years in handling Information Technology BUGS whether it's in hardware or software. Running out of space in your Computer, laptop or Server? Need a more memory to make your system faster? Let us find out the best upgrade for your machine and once again find it as good as new.
  Worried of loosing your personnel files, family photographs, office Documents, Emails in Outlook, Bookmarks, Internet Explorer Favorites or anything which you have stored on Desktop or Laptop secure it from virus, hard drives crashes or OS crashes, setup a schedule for online backup or backup on a external device.

Securing Network whether it's a wireless or normal Ethernet Network is very important to make sure that you have proper security on your online presence.
System getting hanged suddenly or virus/spyware, issues not allowing you, to work and you have to submit a project or presentation, call us, our technician will be on your computer screen via online tools and try to sort out the problem while sitting at our office.   Don't know which Internet Connection would be best for you, which WiFi router will cover the hole house or office, how to be safe from latest virus, spyware how to Filter Internet for your Home or office?

We will guide you over phone or if needed visit you without any charges. You can consult us about anything in Information technology we will be glad to assist you.

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