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From last 13-Years U.C.S is providing quality and affordable computer services for businesses, government and Foreign Organizations. We offer many benefits of a complete IT department manned by skilled technicians, our skilled technicians are always available and, ready to provide your organization with a competent business computer services. Our company's professional team knowledgeable in various aspects of business computer technology needs and will be able to help you achieve your business computing goals.
  • Network Installation and Maintenance 

  • Network installation is a very challenging process; use of competent planning makes it possible to implement the network correctly. Deciding on layout, installation, along with repairs, and maintenance associated with a computer network are among the most challenging tasks for modern business.

    When starting the network installation process, the organization must  determine their network’s preferences including, the amount of users who would likely utilize the network, the number of people that may access it locally as well as the number that may need a remote connection. They must also determine the number of individual computers and alternative devices such as servers, scanners, printers, etc. that will be installed in the network, and who will be responsible for operating and managing the network. Also, it can be very helpful to look ahead to determine the direction you’d like the company to be heading in the foreseeable future, allowing us to be able to factor in all of the upcoming expansion in the course of computer network installation. 
If after completing the network installation process, you prefer to have your new network professionally maintained; our computer network support handles the repairs and maintenance of any available computer network. It is aimed at preserving the overall system integrity such as security and stability of your LAN or WAN connectivity through the entire organization.
  • Virus & Spyware Removal

    With the growth of the Internet everybody is experiencing an increasing amount of threats to computer systems as a result of viruses, malicious adware and spyware. It is necessary to explore practical measures in Virus & Spyware Removal in an effort to safeguard your personal data and to preserve your computer's total performance. 

    U.C.S can also assist in upgrading your company's current network or relocating current network equipment to a different location. We utilize a combination of managed services, monitoring applications and remote access in order to accommodate just about any sized establishment.
  • Server Repair, Upgrade & Maintenance 

    U.C.S offers comprehensive on-site server repair services. Our certified technicians are highly proficient as well as cross-trained on various products, platforms and technologies and can perform diagnosis, repairs and service on virtually any computer server. We offer server hardware repair and maintenance support for all major brands of servers, including Dell, HP / Compaq, IBM, many others. 

    The computer server issues are not always hardware related. Your server may not be operating properly as a result of virus attack or installing some application that has damaged the performance of the system. Our experienced server repair technicians will locate and remove the problem causing software and then set up the latest computer virus protection software on your server. We'll also make certain that you understand how to most effectively utilize your virus protection software and keep it up to date.

    Application of Patches - Every server maintenance plan should incorporate the application of software patches. A software patch is often a set of program codes supplied by the software publisher or the manufacturer to address known issues. It is quite typical for a software patch to address any programming bug or security weakness. Many software patches frequently incorporate several fixes and may also include a number of new features or enhancements. On the other hand, some patches could potentially cause incompatibility with your currently installed software. Our server maintenance technician will review your operating system and other installed software programs to determine if it is necessary to install any new patches.

    Security - Security must also be assessed as part of server maintenance. If necessary, security patches need to be installed on individual computers across the network to make sure that important information is securely maintained. The security evaluation must also include examining server logs for signs of computer hacking attempts or any other security issues. Also, we will ensure that antivirus software is up to date on every single computer unit in the network 

    Usually these types of procedures can be performed after working hours to ensure that network user activity will not be disturbed.

    Disc and Memory Clean Up - System issues can and will come up as time goes by. If, for example, the system went without routine maintenance for too long, a considerable decline in your server's overall performance can become apparent. Some of these may possibly be a result of non- fragmented discs or memory.

    Data Storage - As a server load increases, to improve performance, it might be advisable to relocate some of the application to an alternative hard drive or server. 

    Data Backup - Any server maintenance plan must also include a comprehensive data backup plan. In the event of a system failure, the backup data is going to become crucial in enabling the network users to recover their stored information. Based on what sort of data is usually stored on the server, it may require to be backed up daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. A good backup plan must constantly be tested on a regular basis to make sure that it is going to fulfill data recovery needs. 

    In general, system maintenance frequency varies based on the size of the company however, it is commonly recommended to be done at the very least once every calendar year. This aspect of the server maintenance plan is usually scheduled over the weekends, when usage of the system activities is usually low. A portion of this kind of maintenance incorporates a full data backup of all system devices. 

    At the appropriate interval, a system modification, system restoration, or hardware component replacement may also be necessary.

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