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Don't Use Illegal Software's or Gray market parts.

Yes its hurts in the long term , illegal software's often gets crashed because of malicious or security leaks.
Your data is not safe when you are using illegal software's, same is with grey market parts .

Extend your Computer Monitor

It is one of the those simple little tools that will truly change the way you use computers and make you wonder how you ever lived without it. Having 2 monitors connected at the same time allows you to do so much more in so much less time. You can keep your email in one window, your internet browsing in another or work on a written report on one screen while you do research in another. You can even move information from one screen to another by dragging from left to right and back again. Everything you do will be faster and easier.

Keep Music, Video, and Digital Photos On a Separate Hard Drive

You should keep all your family photos, videos, and music collection on a separate hard drive. Get a network drive, rather than a USB drive so all computers in the house can share the collection at all times. And have a secondary hard drive attached to make a backup copy and store it at a friend's home in case of a fire or theft. Those pictures of the kids at the beach are too precious to take a chance of loss.

Throw Away Your Hard Drive if it is More Than Three Years Old!

This tip surprises many people but we recommend that any hard drive older than 3 years old be replaced and thrown away (or recycyled) because hard drives lose data. If you take or other suggestion that you keep all photos on an external hard drive safely protected from computer breakdown, then take this tip too and transfer all that information to a new hard drive every 3 years. You will protect that data from being destroyed by mechanical or other hardware failure..

Don't take risk of repairing computer by your own .

Desktop or Laptop both has very sensitive parts inside a little jerk or static charge in your clothes can destroy the electronic equipments. Hiring a professional would be good idea.

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